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What We Do




We have discovered that training is the foundation of our ministry. Once learned, people own it forever. They can use it according to their own insights, skills and abilities. And they can pass it along to others. Training is the ultimate sustainable ministry.




Inability to find capital is one of the reasons people remain locked in poverty. NVI's program provides capital at no- to low-interest rates so our students can grow their business and create an income.




NVI uses a tested process for helping under-resourced communities develop Self-Help Groups that work. As a result, Self-Help Groups become important local resources, helping bring peace and financial stability to their members.

The Outcomes


With the Gospel as our foundation, through training, development and capital, NVI helps people achieve capability, sustainability and dignity as they move from poverty to financial stability.



Through training we give our students the opportunity to put their own insights, skills and abilities to work, helping them grow a business and build life-giving relationships.



NVI's training builds people, not programs. Once learned, our trainees own and grow these skills forever, whether NVI remains in their community or not. This allows us to move on and train others.



NVI's training ultimately provides our students a sense of pride and accomplishment in being able to provide financial stability for their families.